William Brickel (b. 1994)

Starting from imagination, recalled memories, and observations of everyday situations, each compositional element in William Brickel’s works is a result of subconscious and conscious decisions made while drawing: the idea for how the painting has to be arrives and departs very quickly, shifting and morphing during its creation. In this way, the artist allows the artworks to come to life fluidly, while pursuing higher principles of harmony that intensify the implicit narrative of the scenes represented.

The interplay between and the setting in which his characters are depicted, take shape starting from different sources, such as a figure seen in an Old Master painting or a domestic memory reminisced from life - elements that, regardless of their nature, translate into a personal psychological and visual narrative.

In the scenes created, all compositional choices are based on the interrelation between the physicality and inherent psyche of his figures in the context they inhabit. Their underlying psychological narrative is revealed through their facial expressions, their anatomical distortions and physical disproportions - aspects that immediately become the most recognisable traits of William Brickel’s imagery and, at the same time, the ground on which his own physiognomic language takes shape.

The conglomeration of all these elements thus produces disjointed aspects to familiar forms, which nonetheless serve a much more true representation of what he sees and recalls.

William Brickel (b. 1994) is a painter based in London, UK. He studied Fine Art Photography at Camberwell College of Art, UK in 2015-2017 and finished the Post- Graduate Program at the Royal Drawing School in London, UK in 2017-2018.